What Are The Signs My Brakes Are Going Bad?

Replace Car Brakes

The braking system on your car usually goes unnoticed since you cannot see it. The first sign of a brake problem is usually when noises start coming out when you apply the brakes.

Here are a problems that might help you determine if you need to replace your brakes:

Your brake pads have become crystallized and hardened from heating up over time and no longer have the ability to stop your car.

If your brakes have oil or grease on them this is going to affect your braking power. Most common reason for oil on your brake pads is an oil seal going bad or a leaky differential. The oil will find its way to the pads and damage them.

Your brake booster can get a loss of power due to a bad diaphragm or vacuum leak resulting in poor to know breaking power.

Your rotors or brake drums can develop hot spots in them from your brakes overheating which leaves your brake shoes or pads with nothing to grip to.

When your car wants to pull or grab when applying the breaks this could mean a few things. Most common is brake fluid leaking from the system, a brake pad is frozen or the brake shoes are not adjusted properly.

One of the most common problems is when your breaks make a grinding or squealing noise. This is usually a sign that your brake pads are worn or glazed and are ready to be replaced. When your brakes start to squeal this is an indication that it is time to have your brakes checked. Most people ignore this symptom until they hear a grinding noise which indicates your brake pads have worn down to the metal. By waiting to you hear the brakes grinding will end up costing you more money for the repair.