Temporary Radiator Hose Repair

Radiator Cap

Being stranded along the side of the road is no fun, especially when your car radiator is pouring smoke out of the hood because it has overheated. Before you get on your cell phone and call a towing company there might just be a quick fix that can get you home or to your local mechanic. Once the engine has cooled off, open the hood and see if you can see where the steam or leak is coming from. If the leak is coming from one of the radiator hoses there is a chance you can make a quick fix to get you out of your predicament. After locating the hole in the hose make sure and dry it completely.

If you are carrying duct tape with you then the fix got a whole lot easier. If not any hardware store will carry it. You will want to tear off a 3 inch piece of your duct tape and wrap it around the hole in your radiator hose. Start at the center and apply the first piece of duct tape. Next tear off a piece of duct tape that is long and start about 3 inches above the smaller piece of duct tape you put on. Wrap the duct tape around and around tightly pressing it into place. Once you are satisfied your duct tape is applied correctly you will want to check your radiator fluid and make sure it is not low. If it appears low you can add regular water to get you home. Below is a list of how the fix should play out.

1) Make sure you engine has cooled off
2) Locate the hole and dry it off completely
3) Put a 3 inch piece of duct tape over the hole.
4) Add additional duct tape around the hose covering the first piece of duct tape.
5) Check your radiator fluid level and add regular water if low.
6) Take your car home or to a mechanic to fix the hose