Pros and Cons to Rear and Mid Engines in Dune Buggies

You are an adrenaline junky and are looking to purchase and build a dune buggy of your own. There are so many things to consider when investing in a buggy, but one of the biggest is the location of your engine. To learn more about mid engine vs rear engine dune buggies read below. states that depending on what type of driver you are and what kind of tricks you want to pull when driving, will determine what kind of engine you are after. A rear engine will obviously make your buggy much more back heavy than a mid engine. The heaviness of the rear allows drivers to pop wheelies without much effort, making for an exciting ride. Rear engines are also great if you are looking to slide some rear donuts from time to time. As far as maintenance goes, providing regular repairs on a rear engine is extremely easy because the removal process is a piece of cake.

Mid engine dune buggies have different capabilities than a rear engine. Many say that they have better turning abilities because the buggy’s weight is distributed evenly. The even weight distribution also gives most drivers a better sense of stability. Another perk of a mid engine is they allow you to keep your foot on the gas when driving in tight spots and through turns without popping an unwanted wheelie.

There are many differences when comparing rear engine vs mid engine dune buggies. It is advised to take both out for a spin before deciding which engine is right for you.

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